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Call For Submissions For Prix Versailles 2016

The Prix Versailles, the world architecture award for hotels, stores and restaurants, has released a call for submissions. The deadline to submit is January 30, at midnight (Paris time). 

Inaugurated and awarded at UNESCO headquarters, this prestigious prize is given to feats of architecture that bridge the perceived gap between utilitarian commercial architectural work, and the high quality and sophistication traditionally assigned to non-commercial architecture. The Prix Versailles contends that the perception of cultural architecture as more worthy and relevant than commercial architecture is outdated, and that the latter can in fact provide fertile ground for innovation and experimentation. To this end, the Prix Versailles encourages the submission of buildings and structures that defy archaic expectations, and exemplify high-quality, ground-breaking commercial archictecture. 

The Prix is comprised of four categories: Shops & Stores, Shopping Malls, Hotels and Restaurants, as well as eight special prizes. 

For more information about the Prix, and about submission guidelines, please visit their site