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Oct 19
ASO's Orchestra with Attitude Oct 19, 2017 1280 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA 30309
Oct 19
“The Triplets of Belleville”: A Cine-Concert Oct 19, 2017 1200 10th Ave. South, Birmingham, AL 35203
Oct 8
Piaf! The Show: US Tour October 2017 The Center 512 Washington St SE Olympia, WA 98501

Opening Of The New Cinémathèque De La Danse In Paris

The new Cinémathèque de la Danse will open on October 3 in Paris. Following the Ministry of Culture’s decision in 2012 to merge the Cinémathèque de la Danse and the Centre National de la Danse (CND), renovations are underway in progress to create a space within the CND which will accommodate the new Cinémathèque. The consolidated cultural center will be a formidable presence in Paris, promoting the art of dance in and around the city.

Previously, the Cinémathèque housed a collection of movies about dance and/or dancers, while the CND promoted dance and dance culture in all its manifestations. The merger will combine the centers’ missions and activities, resulting in shared programming. The new Cinémathèque will examine and celebrate dance, offering historical and geographic perspectives on trends in the world of contemporary dance. Additionally, films about iconic figures, artistic movements, and choreography will be presented.