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Nov 28
Welcome Embassy of France - La Maison Française 4101 Reservoir Road NW Washington, DC 20007

Dancing in the Streets in Paris

La Place, a new space for creation, collaborations and transmission in the field of hip hop opened in 2016 in les Halles, Paris.

From November 24 to December 29, La Place will celebrate the diversity of hip hop. It will bring together dancers from all the continents, from all styles and levels. Born in New York, hip hop dance had a spectacular development in France. For this occasion, La Place and Dancing in the Streets created the project  “The Paris Get Down.” with the goal to develop new relations between current American and French hip hop scene. The project received a support from the program FUSED-French US Exchange in Dance.  

For several years, the organization Dancing in the Streets, based in Bronx, mentored dancers of high potential performing in the streets and in the subway toward a professional practice of dancing, through the program It’s Showtime NYC!.

The six New Yorkers -- Rheanna 'Wiildkard’ Nance, Melanie Aguirre, Quinn ‘Qu’ Brown, Anthony ‘Laiden’ John, Christopher ‘Venxm’ Brathwaite, Loretto Jamling  -- will meet French artists and groups to train and share experiences at La Place. 

Some of the programs: 

More surprises await you! Follow the live streams on La Place’s social media.