Jean Lambert-wild in Austin

January 13-25, 2014
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In the framework of the "Me in Front of Me" project in collaboration with the Fusebox Festival, French artist and head of Comédie de Caen, Jean Lambert-wild will be in residence in Austin from January 13-25, 2014.

About the Artist

Jean Lambert-wild started his artistic career as an assistant to directors Michel Dubois, Jean-Yves Lazennec, Matthias Langhoff and Philippe Goyard.  In 1990, with Grande Lessive de Printemps (Great Spring Clean), he began constructing what he calls his Hypogeum: a complex oeuvre he composes year after year as a writer and theatre-maker.  Jean Lambert-wild created, with the composer Jean-Luc Therminarias, the company La Coopérative 326, of which he was artistic director until 2006. Since 2007, Jean Lambert-wild has been head of Comédie de Caen-Centre Dramatique National de Normandie. The Comédie de Caen creates, produces and tours work of national and international influence, and supports several French and European independent theatre companies, an important aspect of its artistic policy.

Jean Lambert-wild profoundly believes that theatre is, in essence, an art form that is ‘multi-medium’, and that the stage is the place where every other art form can find expression and create meaning. For each of the projects he initiates, Jean Lambert-wild gathers around him several individuals with strong identities to compose what he calls a creative phalanstery. Thanks to these improbable encounters, Jean Lambert-wild’s work constantly disrupts and reinvents codes of narration and representation, and extends the limits of every art form. 

His Creole origins and his numerous trips to and through Europe, Africa and America have informed several of his artistic endeavours (either through residencies, showings of work in progress, or invitations to festivals in Norway, Iceland, USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany or Bulgaria…)
He has, and continues to collaborate with European and American artists (Silke Mansholt, Jeremiah McDonald, David Moss, Jacqueline Humbert…) and, since 2009, with the French author and philosopher Michel Onfray.

The connections and intersections between different artistic, technical and scientific experimentations that are the core of Jean Lambert-wild’s work open up new theatrical, musical, scenographic and poetic perspectives. Scientific research fuels artistic experiences, as when he experiments with new technologies and their possible applications to art. To do so, Jean Lambert-wild works in collaboration with engineers such as Leopold Frey, Emmanuel Maâ-Berriet or Quentin Descourtis, and research centres such the Laboratoire SeT of Belfort-Montbéliard University and the GMEM-Centre national de création musicale in Marseille.

Jean Lambert-wild also supports the creation and development of tools and experimental software that nurture and inspire contemporary artistic creatio

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About Fusebox

Fusebox is an annual contemporary art and performance festival that takes place in Austin, TX each April. Fusebox champions innovative works of art across a variety of different mediums. The festival acts as a catalyst for new ideas, new artistic models, and approaches to help us engage with the issues and questions that define contemporary life. Fusebox is an idea engine. A space where artists and audiences can take risks, ask questions and explore ideas together, break rules, and blur boundaries. It is a platform for visionary works, unabashed play, and new ways of engaging with our world.


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