Interview with Justine Pluvinage, Video-Film Artist

November 16, 2016 | By Laurence Geannopulos

Resilient Images is a collaboration with the Centre Regional de la photographie Nord Pas-de-Calais (CRP). This marks the first partnership between CRP and the Hyde Park Art Center as an exchange of two artists working with lens-based media who will develop site-specific work during their residencies to be exhibited in a joint show at both locations.

While Chicago-based David Schalliol completed his first research trip to France last year, artist Justine Pluvinage will be joining the Jackman Goldwasser Residency from Lille, France from February 13 - March 3 for her first research trip to Chicago to develop new work for a two-part exhibition to take place at the CRP (Fall 2017) and at the Hyde Park Art Center (Spring 2018).

1. Tell us a little about your work and approach to making art.
I’m a video-film artists whose work manifests through my love of human beings. This may sound naive but it’s the best way to consider and link all my work. When I make portraits of women who talk about their trauma and how they survived or in my work about sexuality during my first trip to NYC, it’s all about love. When I’m filming the wedding of my cousin, or more recently, the love story of disabled neighbors, love is implicit in the act. So my work is about intimacy, secrets, taboos, resilience, desire, feminism, humor, and love. It’s always meeting with someone that gives me the desire to film.

2. What will you be exploring while in residence here?
I can’t say exactly what I will be exploring in Chicago because it will really be inspired by my meetings with people, but I want to explore this theme of resilience. How each person transforms their reality to make it manageable for themselves. For example, I heard about hiplet, the dance form that was borne at the Chicago Multicultural Dance Center. It is a mix of classical ballet and hip-hop; it’s a reaction to the racism inherent in the classical ballet world. Discovering this kind of treasure [in Chicago] interests me.

3. What attracts you most about Chicago as a city in 2017?
In the United States, I only know New York City, which is not the most representative city in America as a whole. Chicago is a big city, a cultural center, that I am really interested to discover and learn more about. I don’t have any expectations, I just want to get lost and be surprised.

Learn more about Justine and the exchange here 


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