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A Digital Cultural Trip to Fort Worth’s Sister City: Nîmes

For the time of the temporary closings of cultural institutions in France between mid-March and May, many of them have participated in the national “stay at home” initiative by offering to their public and audiences the possibility to visit their collections, or experience their performances online. Let’s take this opportunity to take a virtual trip to Angers, Nice, Nîmes, Cognac, Dijon, Amiens, Clermont-Ferrand and Agen which have been sharing very special ties with their Texas and Oklahoma sister cities Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, Denison, Dallas, Tulsa, Norman and Corpus Christi throughout the years.

In this article, let’s focus on Nîmes, sister city of Fort Worth, TX since 2019, located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Cévennes mountains, with an estimated population of 151,001. Dubbed the most Roman city outside Italy, Nîmes’ rich history dates back to the Roman Empire when the city was a regional capital. Its very own ancient architecture, which includes famous Roman monuments such as the Arena of Nîmes and Maison Carrée has provided to Nîmes a very own identity, personality, and originality. Dive into the centuries of history of the city thanks to an online immersive experience.

Learn about the stories behind the name of the streets of Nîmes or the trees all around the city, as well as many other fun facts, by following the Tourist Information Center of Nîmes’ social networks and website. You may also want to try some local recipes, or enjoy the visit of a virtual photo exhibition of Nîmes in the 1950s: check this link!

The Théâtre de Nîmes has opened its archives giving you access to close to 50 audio and video recordings of previous performances: 

Carré d’Art, the contemporary museum of Nîmes, suggests, as for it, a list of workshops for all ages to do from home and invites you to explore its online collections.

Romi by Bernard FRIZE at Carré d’Art

Take another trip! More French Sister Cities to explore: Amiens & Clermont-FerrandAngers | Cognac & Agen | Dijon | Nice