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May 18
Talk: Maylis de Kerangal and Jessica Moore ONLINE EVENT The Center for Fiction 15 Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217
May 18
Talk: Maylis de Kerangal and Jessica Moore ONLINE EVENT The Center for Fiction 15 Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217

A Digital Cultural Trip to Denison and Norman’s Sister Cities: Cognac and Agen

The Saint-Jacques gate in Cognac

For the time of the temporary closings of cultural institutions in France between mid-March and May, many of them have participated in the national “stay at home” initiative by offering to their public and audiences the possibility to visit their collections, or experience their performances online. Let’s take this opportunity to take a virtual trip to Angers, Nice, Nîmes, Cognac, Dijon, Amiens, Clermont-Ferrand and Agen which have been sharing very special ties with their Texas and Oklahoma sister cities Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, Denison, Dallas, Tulsa, Norman and Corpus Christi throughout the years.

In this article, let’s focus on Cognac, sister city of Denison, TX since 1992, and Agen, sister city of Corpus Christi, TX, two cities of south-western France, with a population of about 20 000 and 35 000 respectively.


Unknown prior to the 9th century, Cognac was then fortified. The town gave its name to the 1526 League of Cognac, an anti-Habsburg alliance formed by Francis I, who granted it the lucrative right to trade salt along the river, leading to its later development as a center of wine and brandy for which it is internationally known today. Never been to Cognac ? Take a virtual tour of the city and have a look at a selection of artifacts from Musée des Arts du Cognac and Musée d’Art et d’Histoire


The old centre of town of Agen contains several medieval buildings. The 12th century Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Caprasius, is one of the few large churches in France with a double nave. The Saint Hilaire church, as for it, is notable for its unusual statues in front of the Church – Moses on the right, and St Peter on the left. 

The Fine Arts museum contains artefacts, furniture and sculptures from prehistoric times onwards. The art gallery contains several hundred works, including artworks by Goya, Bonnard and Seurat as well as local artists. The Museum re-opened on May 11 after its temporary closure. Its facebook page however still gives you access to a variety of resources to explore (videos about the architecture and history of the museum, activities, fun facts and information around its artworks…). 

The municipal theatre "Théâtre Ducourneau" presents theatre, and occasionally classical concerts. During the stay-at-home period, the theatre regularly publishes videos of past shows as well as a funny and educational web series presented by its associated artist Thomas Visionneau about the history of the theatre. Check them out!

In terms of music, do not miss the home performances and music introduction classes presented by the students and professors of the Conservatoire d'Agen.

Théâtre Ducourneau Agen

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