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Is Europe Democratic? Virtual Event Columbia Global Centers

New Talents & French Art Awards

Project of Chloe Prize 2020 winner, Marvin M'Toumo.

Every year, various French private and public initiatives encourage young artists with exceptional talent to move forward by giving them prizes and awards. Discover some of the most recent winners of the Révélations Emerige, ADAGP and Le Fresnoy Studio, and the International Hyères Festival. If you want to know more about the young artists, check out the list of nominees online!

Loucia Carlier, Winner of the Révélations Emerige 2020

Every year, the Révélations Emerige scholarship supports young talented French artists, in partnership with an internationally renowned gallery. The 7th edition of the Bourse Révélations Emerige has selected Loucia Carlier from 11 finalists. Carlier will benefit from the support of Art : Concept gallery, and will be awarded a grant of 15,000 € for the realization of her personal exhibition. Carlier's art uses the technique of the "imprint." Images, objects, and symbols are printed on the surface of her artworks, showing an amused, dystopian vision of a possible future.

Find the list of 11 nominees here

Marvin M'Toumo and Emma Bruschi, Winners of the 35th International Hyères Festival

Every year since 1986, the International Festival of Fashion, Photography, and Fashion Accessories at the Villa Noailles in Hyères has promoted and supported young international fashion designers. Several prizes have been awarded to the competing designers thanks to grants from the festival’s partners, who commit to providing long term support. For the 35th edition, the winner of the Chloe Prize 2020, Marvin M’Toumo will receive a grant of 20,000€, and Emma Bruschi winner of the Chanel 19M des Métiers d’art Prize will benefit from a grant of 20,000€ for the realization of a new design project which will be displayed the following year.

Find the list of 10 nominees here.

Yosra Mojtahedi, awarded by the Revelation for Digital Art and Video Art Prize by ADAGP and Le Fresnoy Studio

For the sixth consecutive year, ADAGP in partnership with Le Fresnoy - National Studio of contemporary arts of Tourcoing, has rewarded an emerging artist in the field of digital and video art. This annual event presents productions by all of the young student artists from Le Fresnoy, as well as those of guest artists and teachers. The winner of the Revelation Digital Art - Video Art 2020 Prize, Yosra Mojtahedi with her project "L' É r o s a r b é n u s" will receive a grant of 5,000€ and her work will be presented on the ADAGP exhibition walls.