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Discover Online: Lille- World Capital of Design

Maison POC « Prendre soin » (Taking Care) in Lille

Lille Metropole is the seventh title holder of the World Design Capital® designation. Lille Metropole had a unique and innovative program to share with the world, one that reflects the diversity and dynamism of design projects in the region.

"Design is capital", more now than ever with the current pandemic that is disrupting everyones others' lives and requires rebuilding and imagining a future based on solidarity and the preservation of our ecosystems. Since March 16, 2020, due to the COVID-19 health crisis, Lille Metropole 2020, World Capital of Design temporarily suspended the public events planned as part of its programming until, on September 9, some major events were opened to the public.

During the mid-year interruption and again in the current period of lockdown, Lille Metropole 2020, World Capital of Design focused on its digital platformThe World Design Capital now offers 6 online series of conferences, interviews, and exhibitions as well as the presentation of the POCs 2020 on its website.

These events included the Maisons POC (Proof of Concept), the 4 major exhibitions Design Designers and Sens Fiction at the Tripostal and New Ways of the World and La Manufacture, a labour of Love at the Saint Sauveur train station, as well as the Design Week Forum which hosted workshops on the contribution of design to repairing the world, restitutions of the first experiences born out of the covid crisis and international exchanges on the new responsibilities of design.

The latest events that have ignited interest:

The World Design Policy Conference took place from October 19th to 23rd and presented several thematic panel discussions on political and social issues using design as a tool for the resilience of today's democracies. Recordings of all the panel discussion such as "Fundamental freedoms: the mutable foundation of our democracies", "Design: a response to citizens' anger" or "The battle of the imaginations: Europe's place?" can be watched in French here

The World Hope Forum took place online on November 28th for its second edition. Initially launched on October 24th as part of the Dutch Design Week, the World Hope Forum is the result of a reflection initiated by Lidewij Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano during the first lockdown. It engages creative people to follow a new approach that gives hope. The exchanges will soon be published on the YouTube channel "Design is capital"

Online resources are:

Series of Videos

  • Series 01: "De-confinement ?" 

A series of interviews with curators of the Maisons POC (POC Centers) such as Giovanna Massoni, Geoffrey Galand, and Luther Quenum who try to answer the question "How does design "fix" the world? »

  • Series 02: "Suddenly, the World was Immobilized"

Design talks about the role of design during and after the COVID-19 crisis in 2020 with Lars Müller, Giulio Vinaccia, Uta Brandes, Susanna Cerri, Michael Erlhoff, Philippe Casens, Ewa Satalecka, Franck Houndégla, Jan Piechota, Vera Baur, and Ruedi Baur.

  • Series 03: Exhibition History 

A series of videos explaining the exhibitions that marked this year such as Emergences: les designers de demain, Les Usages du Monde, Les Maisons POC and Designer(s) du Design. 

  • Series 04: Guided Exhibition Tour

Discover the virtual exhibition of Designer(s) du Design! Imagined by NoDesign with figures of contemporary design, this exhibition presents about sixty designers, projects, corporate approaches, and above all, the ways in which designers create, transmit, produce, and get involved with a diversity of practices while illustrating the French design philosophy. 

  • Series 05: Conferences and Panel Discussions

Within the exhibition Les Usages du Monde, different conferences were organized with ZERM, Jan De Vylder & Inge Vinck, Studio Risjel, Christophe Hutin, Face B, and BAST among others. In addition, during the Design Week, panel discussions were also held on the themes of "Design, ethics and care", "The place of Design at Décathlon" and "How to reinvent the design school of the 21st century". Current events have also invited the Lille Metropole 2020 World Capital of Design Organizing Committee to examine the issue of mobility with some exciting guests. 

  •  Series 06: " Why engage in Design Management In-House ? »

As part of the Designer(s) du Design exhibition, various interlocutors were questioned on "Why engage in design management in-house? ". A fundamental subject that defines a branch of design that is highly valued in our current society. 

  • Series 07: Strange Night of Design

24 hours of dialogue about the present and future of Design. A night of thinking with more than 70 stakeholders from all around the world.

What are POCs and Maisons POC (POC Centers)?

For over a year now, public and private actors, researchers, developers, and associations in the Lille Metropole Area have been involved in the POC program. A POC marks the moment when people test the prototype of a solution found through a design process and use the lessons learned to improve the performance and efficiency of a given product or service. 

POC 70: Station de travail (Workstation) by Association La Station for the Maison POC "Ville Collaborative" (Collaborative City)

Since September 2020, five Maison POCs (POC Centers) have showcased projects created in the Lille Metropole Area and beyond. Each Maison POC has been entrusted to designers and curators to support, guide, and promote the protean initiatives of POC project carriers. The Maisons POC are divided into categories.

The Maison POC "Economie Circulaire" (Circular Economy) designs a model of consumption of finite resources, where the waste from one is reintroduced into the production cycle of the other. The Maison POC "Habiter" (Living) brings together POCs that illustrate the complexity of our inhabited environment on the themes of domestic space, the proliferation of domesticities, and new collective places. The Maison POC "Prendre Soin" (Taking Care) is interested in the links between care, ethics, and design, the vulnerabilities of individuals and environments. The Maison POC "Ville Collaborative" (Collaborative City) explores more than a hundred local and international projects to restore the collective, regenerate common goods, rediscover the community, and encourage mutual aid. The Maison POC "Action Publique" (Public Action) deals with topics such as food waste, preparing the city for heatwaves, and the temporary occupation of vacant spaces.

About  World Design Capital®

The title of World Design Capital® is awarded every 2 years by the World Design Organization® in recognition of the innovative use of design by a city or territory, with the aim of strengthening its economic, social, cultural, and environmental development. Lille-design has been a member of the World Design Organization® since 2017, when it committed itself with the European Metropolis of Lille to jointly submit a bid for the title of Lille Metropole 2020, World Design Capital.

World Design Organization®

The World Design Organization® (WDO) is an international, non-governmental organization, and international voice of industrial design. It advocates for the design of a better world by promoting and sharing knowledge on industrial design innovation that improves the quality of life. Created in 1957 on the initiative of French designer Jacques Vienot, among others, the WDO today brings together more than 170 organizations from 40 countries. French members include EDF, Orange, the University of Paris Saclay, Strate École de design, and the lille-design association.