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Choose Your Own Adventure - TILT 2019

This March, join us for TILT Kids Festival, a vibrant celebration of music, theater and much more! Check-out our themed lists below to find the best program for you and your little ones. 

If you like theater


The Young Girl, the Devil, and the Mill

March 2 & 3 at FIAF

An imaginative musical interpretation of a Grimm's fairy tale, The Young Girl, the Devil, and the Mill. Critically acclaimed at Festival d'Avignon, this is a rare opportunity to see this outstanding production. Ages 7 & up

She No Princess, He No Hero

March 2 & 3 at FIAF

English-language world premiere of She No Princess, He No Hero. This intimate and poignant theater piece transports the audience into the mind of young boys and girls confronting the stereotypes imposed on them as they come of age. Ages 7 & up

Adaku’s Revolt

March 14-24 at Abrons Arts Center

Discover the story of a young black girl who summons her inner strength to revolt against imposed beauty standards and wear her hair naturally. Ages 7 & up

The Nature of Forgetting

March 23-31 at The New Victory Theater

Tom is a father who experiences early dementia, taking him back to childhood moments and threads of memory. Ages 9 & up


If your young ones are 3 to 7 years old



March 2-31 at Multiple Venues

Can you spot all of the hidden Japanese figures at the TILT Kids Festival venues? Download the #Uramado AR app to see them come alive! Ages 4 & up

Drag Queen Story Hour

March 2 at FIAF

The first ever Drag Queen Story Hour of TILT! Ages 3-8

Musical Journey

March 10 at the French Cultural Services

Discover Malika Zarra’s intimate musical universe inspired by the traditions of France, Morocco and Afro-Latin jazz… Ages 5 & up


March 16 at Harlem Stage

Ajoyo is a joyful celebration that brings artists and audiences together for an interactive show! Ages 3 & up


If you prefer interactive experiences


The Dumpster Ball

March 9 at the French Cultural Services

Renowned author Marc Boutavant will invite kids to create characters inspired by his new book “The Dumpster Dog” and dance the morning away during a very unusual ball! Ages 7 & up

Philosophy for Kids

March 24 at the Brooklyn Public Library

During group discussions, kids exchange with philosophers about themes revolving around openness, inclusiveness, and acceptance. Ages 6-12