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Festival Albertine: Highlights from the Archives

Each year, Festival Albertine brings together a curated group of thinkers, artists, activists, and professionals to explore a timely theme. With past subjects including climate change, gender equality, democratic policy, and race, the event provokes engaging discussions that encourage us to reconsider the way we approach our world.

Each panel and debate is available for online viewing anytime on our Livestream. Find some of our favorites below:

To hit the targets set in the Paris agreements, we will need to cut our fossil fuel use in half by the end of the next decade. Romain Felli, Mark Jacobson, and Priscillia Ludosky discuss if this is technically possible and politically achievable. Moderated by Bill Mckibben. From Festival Albertine 2019.

Christiane Taubira, Gloria Steinem, and Robin Morgan explore how the fight for more diverse and inclusive political representation can have a very real impact on our daily lives. Moderated by Lauren Wolfe. From Festival Albertine 2017.

Laure Adler, Soraya Chemaly, Nassira El Moaddem, and Elaine Weltheroth analyze how to render specific individuals, groups, facts, ideas, and identities more visible in the contemporary media. Moderated by Lauren Wolfe. From Festival Albertine 2017.

Roxane Gay, Mona Chollet, and Camille Morineau explore the struggle to reclaim the female body's integrity, considering representations that reject its objectification and oppression. Moderated by Alexandra Schwartz. From Festival Albertine 2017.

Looking at the differences between the construction of identity in France and the United States, Benjamin Stora, Pap Ndiaye, Iris Deroeux, and Jelani Cobb analyze Barack Obama's electoral victory in the U.S.A. and consider how a similar evolution could happen in France. Moderated by Ta-Nehisi Coates. From Festival Albertine 2016.

The graphic novelist and filmmaker Marjane Satrapi and the critic A.O. Scott tackle questions about the relationship between creativity and criticism, censorship and audience, visuals and text, and much more. Moderated by Steve Wasserman. From Festival Albertine 2014.