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Jun 5
The Battle of Normandy LIVE on Zoom Alliance Française de Minneapolis/St. Paul 113 N First Street Minneapolis, MN 55401
Jun 6
She No Princess, He No Hero Broadcast LIVE on Zoom and Facebook
Jun 6
She No Princess, He No Hero Broadcast LIVE on Zoom and Facebook

Online French Cultural Content Selection by the Cultural Service in Houston

From visual art, books, virtual reality, music and performing art, the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Houston is sharing with you its May picks of online content to enjoy more of French culture from home!

Marie's picks
Marie Lozón de Cantelmi, Cultural Attaché

For five years I was a museum curator in Montpellier, at the Musée Fabre, one of the biggest museums in the South of France in terms of richness and variety of collections, from Renaissance to contemporary art. I also enjoyed the multidisciplinary events held in the city and the large number of cultural places, from the archeology museum to contemporary art centers, performing arts, music, public libraries and festivals. I invite you to discover the heritage of this medieval city, enjoy! Click here.

Marion's picks
Marion Autones, Deputy Cultural Attaché

"Culture is made of everything that allows the Man to maintain, enrich or transform without weakening, the image of himself that he inherited." André Malraux
("La culture est faite de tout ce qui permet à l'homme de maintenir, d'enrichir ou de transformer sans l'affaiblir, l'image de lui-même qu'il a héritée." André Malraux)

In this tremendous period of our time, the immediate break of our daily habits faced our own self with the true "I". The "I" as the pronoun we use when we speak, talk about ourselves, the one that embraces and defines us. And while life time continues its own path outside, one is wondering now at home how one's own identity and life interests have been shaped since one first breathed. When preparing this paragraph I questioned myself on what truly made the person I am today, and there is no doubt culture played a key role. From the time I left home to study at the University, I moved from one place to another in a short period of time and never settled until I moved to Houston in January, hence five years later. From the city I was born in to the ones that welcomed me during my academic journey, they all contributed to my current cultural credentials. This time being favorable to both singular introspection and collective development of online contents, it is clear that being able to visit the cities I lived in did me good. I am initing you now to take some time to discover them. Perhaps you have never heard of them, or maybe you did, yet one thing is for sure: these online resources come highlighting the unique French heritage we are all fond of.

Perpignan, my Hometown
- Perpignan, des remparts à aujourd’hui 360° movie was designed by Art Graphique Patrimoine within the framework of the city of Perpignan's valorization project.
- Perpignan 3D App -available on Google Play and App Store- offers a 360° AR visit with pedagogical and recreational contents through three different Gothic itineraries. The latter are also kids friendly.

Toulouse, the Pink City
Le Patrimoine toulousain offers multiples visits of the Pink City, from the city essentials to the accurate location of the most famous crimes committed under the Old Regime.

Albi, the Episcopal City-State
Albi city is now enjoyable through Albicraft. Take some time to walk by the Sainte-Cecile cathedral's city rebuilt on the famous game Minecraft !

Amandine's picks
Amandine Castillo, Cultural Service Coordinator

I would not be able to say how many hours I have spent as a child reading comics and trying to draw my own stories! Later, as a young adult, I loved getting my daily fix of illustrations and comics by following the blogs of various young and promising French illustrators such as Pénélope Bagieu, Kek, Boulet or Margaux Motin. Today, thanks to the participation of various publishing houses which have opened their catalogs online for the time of the stay-at-home order, comics are invading the web. Therefore, now is the best time for all of us to get back to our classics or discover new and older French comic works and authors.

French publishing houses offering comics to read online for free :
Dargaud | Steinkis | Rue de Sèvres | Jungle  
As well as 10 stories of Le Petit Nicolas (which started out as a comic, created by Astérix’s author Goscinny and French illustrator Sempé) to be downloaded for free.

Comics magazines to download for free :
Asterix magazine published weekly | Robinson magazine published weekly | Journal Spirou offering daily activities for children

Blogs of French illustrators:
Margaux Motin: Instagram | Blog 2008-2018
Nathalie Jomard : Petit précis de Grumeautique
Pénélope Bagieu: Ma vie est tout à fait fascinante
Kek : Virginie | Les années collège | Mon chat et moi | Blog
Boulet: Blog
And more to discover here !