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May 18
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The Thing About France: William Middleton


The Thing About France is a podcast where cultural figures explore the fascinating and complicated relationship between France and America. In Season 3: Americans in Paris, guest host Liesl Schillinger interviews Americans in Paris during the COVID-19 pandemic via Zoom from her New York apartment.

Listen to the fourth episode of Season 3, featuring renowned biographer William Middleton on the fashion, design, and aesthetics of Paris and New York and his experience surviving COVID-19 in a small Parisian apartment. 

In May 2019, William Middleton found his way back to Paris where he had lived and worked during the 1990s as a journalist for a design magazine and later as a fashion editor. In the two decades in between, he published Double Vision, an incredible biographical exploration of the lives of the French-Texan art collectors Dominique and John de Menils. In 2018, ArtNews named Double Vision one of the best art books of the decade. 

In this episode of The Thing About France, Middleton talks about accidentally moving into an apartment on the same street where Dominique de Menil grew up (0:51), as well as about learning French through transcribing interviews (22:03), and his subsequent adventures entertaining for the finest in French fashion in the 1990s (10:40).

The Thing About France is produced by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US.

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