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Interview with Author and Illustrator Olivier Tallec

Olivier Tallec is a French children’s book author and illustrator. He has illustrated more than 50 children’s books. His stories are stripped to their most essential narrative and told without text, only in images.

This spring, Tallec was in New York City as part of the Cultural Services’ illustration series Picture This! Conversations with French and American Illustrators.  He spoke with his American colleague Oliver Jeffers at the New York Public Library, in a panel moderated by Pamela Paul, the NYTimes children’s book critic.

In this video he describes his latest book, The Bathing Costume: Or the Worst Vacation of My Life, and his previous work Big Wolf and Little Wolf.

Correction: In the video,  This Moose Belongs to Me is incorrectly attributed to Olivier Tallec, This Moose Belongs to Me was written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.