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30 Books For The Summer

This summer, escape your daily routine with these fantastic French titles in translation, hand-selected by the Book Department. There’s something for everyone, from fast-paced fiction to more contemplative narratives, memoirs, essays, and history books. Our poetry list includes modern classics as well as experimental contemporary works, and comic book fans have a wide variety of styles and stories to choose from. Don’t think we left the kids out – you can fill their vacation time with stories about ghosts, wolves, bugs and birds.

Take this list with you on your next trip to the bookstore and embark on a summer of reading adventures. And be sure to let us know how you like them in the comments section.




Jean-Marie Blas de Robles, Where Tigers are at Home translated by Mike Mitchell (Other Press, March 2013)

Laurence Cossé, Bitter Almonds translated by Alice Anderson (Europa, April 2013)

Dany Laferrière, The Enigma of the Return translated by David Homel (Quercus Books, February 2013)

Pierre Michon, The Eleven translated by Jody Gladding and Elizabeth Deshays (Archipelago, January 2013)

Albertine Sarrazin, Astragal translated by Patsy Southgate (New Directions, April 2013)

Abdellatif Laâbi, The Bottom of the Jar translated by André Naffis-Sahely (Archipelago, March 2013)



Non fiction

Evelyne Bloch-Dano, The Last Love of George Sand: A Literary Biography translated by Allison M. Charette (Columbia University Press/ The Chinese University Press, May 2013)

Albert Camus, Algerian Chronicles translated by Arthur Goldhammer (Belknap Press, May 2013)

Georges Perec, La Boutique obscure: 124 Dreams translated by Daniel Levin Becker (Melville House, February 2013)

Rithy Panh, The Elimination translated by John Cullen (Other Press, February 2013)

Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, The African translated by C. Dickson (Godine, April 2013)

Nathalie Sarraute, Childhood translated by Barbara Wright (University of Chicago Press, March 2013)




Louis Calaferte, Violet Blood of the Amethyst translated by John Taylor (Chelsea, June 2013)

Aimé Césaire, The Original 1939 Notebook of a Return to the Native Land (Wesleyan, April 2013)

Marcel Proust, The Collected Poems edited by Harold Augenbraum, various translators (Penguin Classics, March 2013)

Jacques Reda, The Mirabelle Pickers translated by Jennie Feldman (Anvil Press, June 2013)

Anne Portugal, The Flirt Formula translated by Jean-Jacques Poucel (La Presse, July 2012)




Marguerite Abouet & Clément Oubrerie, Aya: Love in Yop City translated by Helge Dascher (Drawn and Quarterly, Paperback, February 2013)

Étienne Davodeau, The Initiates: A Comic Artist and a Wine Artisan Exchange Jobs translated by Joe Johnson (NBM Publishing Company, March 2013)

Anouk Ricard, Anna and Froga: I Dunno, What Do You Want to Do? (Drawn and Quarterly, August 2013)

Florent Ruppert & Jérôme Mulot, Barrel of Monkeys (Rebus Books, January 2013)

Jacques Tardi & Jean-Pierre Verney, Goddamn This War!  translated by Helge Dascher (Fantagraphics Books, August 2013)

Peyo & Yvan Delporte, The Smurfs Anthology, Vol. 1 (Papercutz, June 2013)


BONUS: Thierry Groensteen, Comics and Narration translated by Ann Miller (University Press of Mississipi, January 2013)




Delphine Perret, The Big Bad Wolf Goes on Vacation (Sterling Publishing, March 2013)

Davide Cali & Vincent Pianina, 10 Little Insects (Wilkins Farago, May 2013)

Jacques Duquennoy, Little Ghost Party (Abrams, August 2013)

Édouard Manceau, Windblown (Owlkids, April 2013)

Philippe Ug, Funny Birds (Prestel, April 2013)

Charlotte Moundlic & Olivier Tallec, The Bathing Costume (Enchanted Lion Books, May 2013)