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French Books In The Us - The 2015 Edition

Once again, 2015 is filled with a multitude of French translated books, for all tastes and ages, to escape or educate, to discover and learn.



With a majority of fiction (145 titles), this one of a kind inventory also presents a substantial number of non-fiction works (103). Moreover, we can observe a noteworthy increase of children’s books, with 43 translations (in comparison with last year’s 21 titles). Besides, and even though the graphic novels numbers are a little more modest than last year (61 titles, for 71 in 2014), they hold a significant position on the American market, confirmed by the success of the Professional Meetings for Comic Book Publishers that took place last May at the French Embassy. Finally, let’s not forget 10 titles of poetry and, last but not least, a single play.

If 193 of all these titles are already available (showing what seems to be a little decrease compared to last year's 229 publications during the same period), you will have to be patient before having access the others, which are scheduled from July to December!

You can also check our “30 Best French Books in Translation for the Summer” article, in which we have listed an assortment of exciting and varied titles that were published during the first part of 2015.

We hope you'll meet your match by browsing those inventories we prepared for you, whether you are looking for a beach-book or something to read later on, by the fireplace!

To browse the 2015 list, please click here!And for more details about the previous years, check the 2014 articles here and there, the 2013 article over here and the 2012 one by following this link.



Our goal is to provide the most complete list of newly translated French books that are published or distributed in the US. We have therefore chosen not to mention British publications that are not available in the US, as well as re-editions and paperback volumes. However, despite the great help we received from publishers and translators, and despite the time and energy we devoted to make this list as exhaustive and precise as possible, one might still find some mistakes or missing titles. We apologize for that, and welcome any of your remarks and corrections regarding the content of the list.

To share your comments and improvements with us, please write to the Book Department at 972livre@gmail.com.