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French Books Usa: Week In Review

Kindle Unlimited Violates French E-book Pricing LawsCiting Médiatrice du Livre Laurence Engel, French Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin declared that unlimited subscription plans in which book prices are not determined by publishers are in violation of France’s 2011 law on e-book pricing. Amazon and other companies who provide such services have been advised to adapt accordingly.


La Hune Bookstore to CloseA photo gallery will open in the space that currently houses the famous Parisian bookstore. Established in 1949, the shop relocated from its original address on Boulevard Saint-Germain to its current location at the intersection of rue Bonaparte and rue de l’Abbaye nearly three years ago. The move is believed to have contributed to the store’s decline in sales, from 3.5 million euros in 2009 to 2.3 million euros in 2013.


Recommended Reading: Tram 83Fiston Mwanza Mujila’s novel Tram 83 is in the running for the Prix du Roman des Etudiants France Culture-Télérama. Awarded with a 2014 French Voices grant, Tram 83 is the energetic narrative of workers in a multicultural village who come together at the bar/ brothel/ restaurant for which the book is named. Deep Vellum plans to publish the novel in English translation in September.

If this video of Mujila’s spirited reading of the text doesn’t make you want to pick up a copy, we don’t know what will.




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