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Sandtown Murals

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy is honored to present the project Sandtown Murals led in partnership with CrossCurrents Foundation.

In November 2015, French artist Léa Eouzan exhibited her work Intersection at Cross MacKenzie Gallery as a part of FotoWeek DC. Following this project, she was invited by the Cultural Services to photograph murals of visual artists in Baltimore, Maryland’s Sandtown neighborhood. Using the photographic chamber as a medium, she created portraits of these muralists willing to highlight current Baltimore social issues through art.

This exceptional encounter resulted in the catalogue Frame On The Walls, Sandtown, gathering the photographs of Léa Eouzan as well as presentation and thoughts of muralists Bat Favitsou Boulandi, Gaia, Megan Lewis, Pablo Machioli, Gary A., Mullen, Justin Nether, Rameen, Michelle Santos, Ernest Shaw, Sorta and Adam Stab.

Concurrently, this project was filmed by French director Francescu Artily, who spent a few days with Léa Eouzan and the muralists in Baltimore. With his documentary Sandtown Project, he intended to provide the artists with a space to express their mind and lets the image speaks for itself in a creative perspective. The film was premiered and disclosed to the artists on April 24, 2016 at the Eubie Blake National Jazz and Cultural Center in Baltimore.Sandtown Project will be screened at the Embassy of France on May 4, 2016. For more information and registration, please click here.

"Scattered throughout Sandtown, a predominantly African-American section of Baltimore, muralists gave expression to the moment and aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death. Supported by neighborhood residents from small business owners to youth, these art works instill life onto city walls and tell the story of community reactions to the police and the racial and ethnic divisions all too common in the city."Extract from Frame on the Walls, Sandtown catalogue’s preface by Ken Grossinger & Micheline Klagsbrun, CrossCurrents Foundation

Boldly and creatively facing profound social trauma, civic society in Baltimore shows itself capable of overcoming its contradictions to rebuild social ties and reclaim its identity (…). This project places Baltimore and the artists on the world map, stimulating a dialog that aims to rediscover the pride of territory and to question our humanity.”Extract from Frame on the Walls, Sandtown catalogue’s preface by Catherine Albertini, Cultural attaché to the French EmbassyFrame on the Walls, Sandtown©2016 by the CrossCurrents Foundation, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, the photographer, the artists, ed. Grafiche Diemme.Sandtown Project by Francescu ArtilyTeaser https://vimeo.com/163376509 Starring Léa Eouzan Pieri, Ernest Shaw, Nether, Megan Lewis, Bat Favitsou,Adam Stab, Pablo Machioli, Gary A.Mullen & Ken Grossinger            Music by Jean-Florent Châtillon            Cinematography and film editing by Francescu ArtilySubtitles by Julien Lafaye