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Sep 22
Ideas and Ideals: Strong Female Voices III ONLINE EVENT  Albertine Bookstore/French Embassy 972 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10075 
Sep 22
Ideas and Ideals: Strong Female Voices III ONLINE EVENT  Albertine Bookstore/French Embassy 972 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10075 
Sep 22
When the Waves Have Come and Gone Plage des Catalans

French Voices Seeking American Publishers

The French Voices Award honors both translators and American publishers for their work with the goal of creating a series of U.S.-published books representing the very best of contemporary French writing in every field. The following titles, selected by a professional jury, were chosen for their originality and the quality of their translation. Some of our award winners are looking for an American publisher. We believe that all titles currently looking for a home have the potential to touch American readers. 

Requirements for the title’s new home:

  • Publisher's active involvement in the translation and publishing of the French author.
  • Distribution and promotion of the work on the American market (and possibly beyond).
  • Publisher should commit to a minimum print-run of 500 copies.
  • No contract for printing on demand only will be accepted.
  • Publisher will work with the translator who submitted the application for the award.
  • All works should be identified by the French Voices Logo and include a foreword by an American writer.


  • French Voices Award: For each title, the American publisher will receive a sum of $6,000, to be divided between the publisher ($4,000) and the translator ($2,000) (or $5,000 to the publisher and $1,000 to the translator for an illustrated work) upon signature of contracts with French publisher, translator and Face Foundation.
  • French Voices Grand Prize: For each title, the American publisher will receive a sum of $6,000, to be divided between the publisher ($6,000) and the translator ($4,000) (or $7,000 to the publisher and $3,000 to the translator for an illustrated work) upon signature of contracts with French publisher, translator and Face Foundation.


    La Réponse à Lord Chandos by Pascal Quignard, Tr. by Stéphanie Boulard and Timothy Lavenz (Éditions Galilée – Please contact Timothy Lavenz and Stéphanie Boulard for further information.)

    In an imagined response to Hofmannstal’s 1901 "Lord Chandos Letter", Quignard mirrors the direct and “interminable” style of the original, as well as its language and citations, yet offers an opposing view of life in language. He counters the idea that silence lies outside or before language and rejects Chandos’s renunciation of literature. He makes a plea instead for literature as that which "puts language to silence" to make the cry of the soul heard. This detailed and compelling vision of the capability of the written word condenses Quignard’s poetics and offers a wellspring of themes to which he insistently returns in later works. Quignard’s fluid prose is exceptional and deserving of international recognition. 

    L’Invention des corps by Pierre Ducrozet, Tr. by Margaret Morrison (Actes Sud – Please contact Nathalie Alliel  for further information) 
    This ambitious novel follows Álvaro, a young Mexican teacher and hacker, on the run from an Army massacre of his students. He crosses into the US illegally and falls into the hands of a Silicon Valley billionaire determined to cheat death by performing transhuman experiments. Eventually fleeing with a brilliant geneticist, they discover a new community, and a new way of being themselves. The road trip narrative deals with many current topics which are crucial for our human future. It takes on a number of important contemporary concerns: artificial intelligence, the use and abuse of the natural order, and the question of elites who may or may not be secretly ruling the world. L’Invention des corps combines some fantastic writing and gripping plots. It received the Prix de Flore in 2017. 



    Trop noire pour être Française by Isabelle Boni-Claverie Tr. by Joshua Jordan,
    (Tallandier, 2017 / Seeking an American publisher – please contact Alice Tassel for further information)  

    Isabelle Boni-Claverie offers an American readership rare insights into the differences and similarities of racial dynamics in her own country and the US. At once a sociological portrait of France, a multiracial family album, and a transatlantic bildungsroman, Too Black to Be French will undoubtedly appeal to readers eager for a passionate fresh voice devoted to better understanding today’s world, and how race and class both are inescapable realities in contemporary societies.

    Isabelle Boni-Claverie sensitively leads us to ponder our relationship with alterity. At once funny, moving and uncompromising Bonie Claverie’s book ends on a happy notes as it engages us to bet on real equality.—senscritique.com 


    Les Oeuvres de miséricorde by Mathieu Riboulet, Tr. by Jeffrey Zuckerman,
    (Verdier, 2012, Seeking an American publisher - please contact Colette Olive for further information 

    Determined to investigate both the tension-fraught history of the relationship between France and Germany and, more broadly, the timeless relationship between violence and mercy, Riboulet's narrator finds answers to these questions not in a documentary or testimonial, but in physical bodies,  desired and touched, painted and filmed. The winner of the Prix Décembre and a finalist for the Prix Sade, Les Oeuvres de miséricorde is a contemporary masterpiece, a labor of love that unflinchingly depicts mercy and the men who strive for it.

    "What should we do with all those who have died? Where should we live? How should we love each other?" These obsessions, fueled by the ravages of history, are just as strong as Riboulet's fascination with Caravaggio; in this thrilling book, rustling with violence and love, he attempts to respond to these questions."— L'Express

    Double nationalité by Nina Yargekov, Tr. by Daria Chernysheva
    (P.O.L., 2016 / Seeking an American publisher. Please contact Vibeke Madsen for further information)

    A woman awakes at Roissy airport, bereft of any memory of her past.  Piecing her life together, she uncovers a dual belonging, one to France and one to the imagined country Yazigie, a pastiche of a former Eastern bloc republic. The protagonist's reconstruction of her life serves as a platform for a cunning exploration of identity and modern Europe.

    "It is her captivating way of examining words, her amazing sense of narrative allied with a rare freedom of tone - lighthearted prose can be the vehicle for a ferocious message (this is summarizing but I think it gets the idea across)."—Elle

    La France des Belhoumi by Stéphane Beaud, Tr. Juliette Rogers,
    (Editions La Découverte, 2018 / Seeking an American publisher - please contact Alice Tassel for further information)

    Inspired by the story of three Algerian sisters whom he met at one of his lectures, sociologist Stéphane Beaud's La France des Belhoumi conducted an inquiry over several years. The essay unknots the yarns of a complex plot, relating working-class transformations, scholarly destinies of children of poor immigrant backgrounds, and the socio-urban changes on the outskirts of major cities. 

    "This multi-voiced biography, whose originality relies on its collective characteristics and the singular reflexivity of each tale, shows different integration processes being completed."—France Culture

    Tombée des nues by Violaine Bérot, Tr. Ros Schwartz
    (Editions Buchet Chastel, 2018 / Seeking an American publisher - please contact Foreign rights for further information) 

    Narrated in seven voices over four days, the novel charts the effect of an unforeseen birth on those intimately involved. Innovative in form and a compelling read, Tombée des nues addresses the much-debated issues around motherhood, pondering whether the maternal instinct is innate; and exploring two of today’s major taboos for women: not wanting children, and struggling to bond with her baby.

    "We leave these pages with the sensation of being richer in humanity, as after (this is fine) living an uncommon experience."—Corinne Renou-Nativel, La Croix

    Catharsis by Luz, Tr. by Sophia Barry
    (Catharsis, Futuropolis, 2015 / Seeking an American publisher - please contact Sylvian Coissard for further information) 

    Catharsis outlines Luz's trials and tribulations in processing and overcoming his grief following the 2015 terrorist attack at the magazine Charlie Hebdo that claimed 12 lives, 8 of whom were employees and close friends of Luz. Through Catharsis, we accompany Luz through the raw, messy, confusing journey of suffering, life, and love post-tragedy."In these untitled comic books, Luz self-analyzes and delivers a poignant testimony of the fatal day, and those coming after."—Libération

    Do not hesitate to contact us for more informations: excerpts are available on demand!

    More titles will soon be added to this list.