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What Does The Future Of Digital Graphic Novels Look Like?

On March 26th the IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) will hold a workshop and debate in Paris between major publishers, authors, and solution providers on the future of Sequential Art (comics, graphic novels, Manga, and new forms).

Since the late 1990’s, the U.S., and France, following shortly thereafter, have been experimenting with different forms of digital illustrations for graphic narratives. Spurred by the American web comics’ movement, several new forms were developed, including comic blogs, webzines, and Marvel’s CyberComics. Today's technical advances in the field of tactile technology have opened the door to new modes of expression in the world of graphic novels.

Thanks to the International Digital Publishing Forum’s support for ePub, the accessibility of digital works has greatly improved in recent years. But with the advent of so much new technology, a need for more uniform standards in digital graphic novel media has arisen and is beginning to be addressed.

We now ask ourselves, "what are the main obstacles to reaching standardization in digital graphic novels and new visual narratives?"

"How can we better address the reading experience of digital media?"

These questions, among others, will be addressed during the first international discussion held by the IDPF on digital graphic novels, taking place on March 26th in Paris. At the event, several French and foreign editors, authors, and digital media producers (Actialuna, Marvel, Hachette, Aquafadas, and many others) will exchange ideas and plans for the future of graphic novels in the digital age.

For more information and to reserve a spot:


All editors and graphic novelists, interested in these reflective groups are welcome to join, and/or sign up for more news, information. A video podcast will be posted after the workshop on idpf.org.