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Economist Thomas Piketty At Albertine Books

French Economist Thomas Piketty was at Albertine Books last week to sign copies of his recent book Capital in the Twenty-First Century. A best-seller in both France and the US, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, was one of 30 finalists for the National Book Critics Circle Award for the best books of 2014.

Alongside Capital in the Twenty-First Century, published in the US in 2014 by Harvard University Press, Thomas Piketty has recently published an essay in the American Economic Review which aims to clarify certain findings he published in his acclaimed book. In this article Piketty delves deeper into the reasons for growing wealth disparity in the US, claiming it is due to a widening income gap between top-earners and the rest of Americans.




Capital in the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Piketty. Translated by Arthur Goldhammer and published by Harvard University Press in April 2014.