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The Thing About France, Season 3: Americans in Paris

The Thing About France is a podcast where cultural figures explore the fascinating and complicated relationship between France and America. Season 3, airing now, features guest host Liesl Schillinger, who interviews Americans in Paris during the COVID-19 pandemic via Zoom from her New York apartment.

In each episode, Schillinger talks with fellow Americans who either live in Paris right now, or have lived there, and who have deep ties to France, personally and professionally. They discuss how these Americans are experiencing their French connection at this unusual moment, when the ways that all of us used to engage with our cities and the wider world are in flux. What attracted them to France, and what still attracts them? And how are their ideas of place, belonging and Frenchness changing at this unprecedented time?

As part of the Cultural Services' mission to facilitate exchange between the United States and France, The Thing About France podcast explores the relationships between French and American artists and institutions, and the long, complex cultural and political relationship between the two countries.

Tune in every other Tuesday to hear new, compelling stories about people who have lived and worked in both French and American cultures. 

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