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Makenzy Orcel

This November, Haitian author Makenzy Orcel will be touring the United States for his book The Immortals (SUNY Press, trans by Nathan H. Dize, Nov 2020), a powerful first work on the earthquake that shook Port-au-Prince in 2010.

About the Author

Makenzy Orcel was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1983. After publishing Les Immortelles, his first novel, and L'Ombre animale, which received the Prix Louis Guilloux and the Prix Littérature-Monde in 2016, he began working on his newest, explosive work, Maître-Minuit. Orcel is an archaeologist and a sensorial writer who possesses a unique evocative power. Critically aclaimed in France, Orcel will be coming to the United States this autumn for his English-language debut. 

 About the Book: The Immortals

In the days following the earthquake that shook Port-au-Prince with the same destructive force as the bomb in Hiroshima, Makenzy Orcel wrote Les Immortelles. He sought to express the craziness of living in such horror and to provide a blunt account of living through an apoclapyse on your doorstep. 


« Une écriture poétique qui flambe haut, très haut. » David Fontaine, Le Canard enchaîné.

« Il est rare de rencontrer dans une première œuvre une vigueur et un souffle qui annoncent la naissance d’un grand auteur. » Alain Mabanckou, Jeune Afrique

« Ce roman est une véritable fulgurance. » Marianne Payot, L’Express


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