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Géraldine Schwarz

Journalist, documentary filmmaker, and author Géraldine Schwarz will be on tour in the US to promote her debut novel, Those Who Forget (tr. by Laura Marris). 

Based in Berlin, Géraldine Schwarz is a German-French journalist, documentary filmmaker, and author. Her debut novel, Those Who Forget, a look back on World War II, has already won numerous awards, including the European Book Prize, the German Winfried Peace Prize, and the Italian NordSud International Prize for Literature and Science. Currently, it is being translated into eight languages.

About the Book: Those Who Forget

Already receiving international acclaim, Those Who Forget follows author Géraldine Schwarz as she discovers more about the lives of her German and French grandparents during World War II. An exploration of the history of Europe’s post-war reckoning with fascism, the memoir urges the reader to remember the lessons learned in World War II in light of recent far-right and nationalist sentiments.

During the war, Schwarz’s French grandfather was a police officer in Vichy France; on her German side, her grandparents were non-innocent bystanders, sometimes even taking advantage of Nazi policies. In this exploration, Schwarz considers the roles her grandparents played in perpetuating fascist policies during the war. 

Following three generations of her family’s history in post-war Europe, Schwarz investigates the ideologies that came into play, as well as the role of collective guilt in creating a democratic responsibility, highlighting the importance of being able to look back on history so as not to repeat it. 

Translated by Laura Marris from French, Those Who Forget will be available in English on May 5, 2020.


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Photo by Astrid di Crollalanza