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Joy Sorman & Catherine Lacey in Conversation ONLINE EVENT Albertine Bookstore/French Embassy

Jean-christophe Rufin

Jean-Christophe Rufin is a doctor, historian, novelist, and the former French Ambassador to Senegal and Gambia. Having worked for NGOs for over 20 years, Rufin has led missions in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Soudan, Rwanda and the Balkans. He is one of the founders of Doctors Without Borders. He was the administrator for the French Red Cross (1994-1996) and the president of Action contre la faim (2003-2006).

Rufin has written historical and political essays, as well as science fiction and adventure novels. He is the author of numerous bestsellers, including The Abyssinian, for which he won the Goncourt Prize for a debut novel in 1997 and Brazil Red, the winner of the 2001 Goncourt Prize.

In 2008, he was elected to the Académie Française and became one of its youngest members.

Four of his novels have been translated in English. In 2015, Europa Editions will release The Red Collar, a novel on war and its aftermath.

The Red Collar

By Jean-Christophe Rufin, Alison Anderson (tr. )

Europa Editions, July 2015


In 1919, in a small town in the province of Berry, France, a war hero is being held prisoner in abandoned barracks. In front of the door to his prison, a mangy dog barks night and day. Miles from where he is being held, in the French countryside, a young, extraordinarily intelligent woman works the land, waiting and hoping. A judge whose principles have been sorely shaken by the war is traveling to an unknown location to sort out mysterious affairs. A dog holds the key to all of their destinies. Full of poetry and life, The Red Collar is at once a delightfully simple narrative about the human spirit and a profound work about loyalty and love.

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The Dream Maker

By Jean-Christophe Rufin, Alison Anderson (tr.)

Europa Editions, November 2013


Based on the true story of Jacques Coeur, The Dream Maker recounts the life and times of a Steve Jobs of the Middle Ages. Born to a modest fur trader, Coeur rose to become the King of France’s visionary First Banker who, with his tours of the Far East, his criticism of the Crusades, and his efforts to develop trade, contributed to bringing France out of darkness toward the Renaissance and modernity. Coeur was, at one time, the wealthiest man in France, but at the height of his success, disgrace and imprisonment at the hands of his enemies threatened to ruin him. His ill-considered infatuation with Agnès Sorel, King Charles VII’s favorite mistress, and her mysterious and premature death, precipitated Coeur’s fall from grace. In Rufin’s delicious prose, this remarkable true story becomes a gripping tale of adventure, a novel of ideas, and a moving love story.

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