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Oct 17
Joy Sorman & Catherine Lacey in Conversation ONLINE EVENT Albertine Bookstore/French Embassy

Dorothée De Monfreid

Dorothée de Monfreid studied at the prestigious école des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Today she has authored and illustrated over fifty children’s books, most published by the children's publishing house L’école des loisirs. Some of her most popular books follow the adventures of various animal characters, such as Coco the elephant, or Achille the crocodile. Her latest picture book, published in April 2015, is called Maximiam.

Dorothée de Monfreid is also a publisher of comics. She participated in the creation of a magazine dedicated to publishing comics called Capsule Cosmique, and in 2010 and 2013 she organized expositions of illustrations as part of the Festival Ukulélé in Paris. Since 2006, she has illustrated three pages of comics each month for the newspaper Pomme d’Api. To learn more about Dorothée de Monfreid and her work, you may visit her blog Super Sauvage.


Dorothée de Monfreid's latest picture book tells the story of Arnold, a little boy who is lucky enough to have a mother who works with exotic animals as a zookeeper. But Arnold is also unlucky because his mother refuses to bring him to work with her, as it's too dangerous for a little boy. One day, however, Arnold's dream finally comes true when he finds himself in the presence of a monster, and his mother must race to his rescue after which he finally convinces her to bring him to the zoo. But how did this all happen? Simply from Arnold misfollowing a recipe...

US Tour

November 21: 1pm-3pm MoMA Store, 81 Spring Street, NYC

November 22: Miami Book Fair


In English
The Cake, 2014
Dark Night, 2009
I'd Really Like to Eat a Child, 2007

In French
Attendez-moi, 2015
Maximiam, 2015
Qui craint le grand méchant escargot?, 2014
Dodo, 2014
Toutous tout fous, 2013
Pas envie, 2013
Machine de Michel (La), 2013
Amour d'éléphant (Un), 2012
1 loup, 2 chiens, 3 culottes, 2012
Madame Chaise, 2011
Cocoloriage - Une histoire à colorier, 2011
Coco ou croco?, 2010
Chez coco, 2010
Boîte à pleurs (La), 2010
Cochon magique (Le), 2010
Coco Noël, 2009
Voyage au pays des gâteaux, 2009
Coco danse, 2009
Musique, Coco !, 2009
Chacha raconte - coffret jaune - 3 histoires pour jouer, 2008
Coco lit, 2008
Coco peint, 2008
Nuit noire, 2007
Chacha raconte -coffret bleu- 3 histoires du soir, 2007
Choudoudou, 2007
Chahut chez Chacha, 2007
Et nous?, 2006
Chacha raconte -coffret rouge- 3 histoires à manger, 2006
Pipicaca, 2006
Cadeau pour Coco (Un), 2006
Coco Bobo, 2006
Coco tout nu, 2004
Coco et Sidonie, 2004
Coco mange, 2003
Coucou Coco, 2003
Grimacier (Le), 2003
Coco et les autres, 2002
Croquepied, 2002
Souris dans les oreilles (Des), 2002
Coco vole, 2002
Bonjour Catastrophe, 2001
Gâteau (Le), 2001
Si j'étais toute petite, 2000
Chien du lapin (Le), 1999

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