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Oct 17
A Dance, Reunited Atlanta Contemporary
Oct 17
Joy Sorman & Catherine Lacey in Conversation ONLINE EVENT Albertine Bookstore/French Embassy
Oct 17
Joy Sorman & Catherine Lacey in Conversation ONLINE EVENT Albertine Bookstore/French Embassy

Camille De Toledo / Walls & Bridges

Camille de Toledo was born in 1976. He studied history in London, photography and cinema in New York, and now lives in Paris. He is also a filmmaker, screenwriter, and novelist. De Toledo is affiliated with the European Society of Authors (a literary, intellectual and digital think tank dedicated to promoting translation through a network of projects) and is involved with the TLHUB project.

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Translation & Literary Hub

TLHUB (Translation & Literary Hub): An Internet platform for writers, translators and publishers. A social network for literary works. A collaborative site where anyone can become part of the translation process. TLHUB is dedicated to building a translation community beyond languages and nations and providing a universal public service for translators and authors. The first priorities of TLHUB are to maintain high quality translations and to improve the status of translators around the globe. TLHUB is a non-profit and cooperative tool based on open source technology. http://tlhub.org/

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Toledo’s glossary : Empowering literature in the 21st century

With the endlessly available hypnoses of the 21st century - cinema, TV series, video games, and the overwhelming ego consumption of social media - what can literature do? Writers at the end of the 20th century shared the sentiment that the power of literature was in decline. Many in their generation have expressed fears of an apocalyptic or melancholic end of the reading age. This form of literary endism, especially visible on the French scene – obsessed as it is by the decline of the French language itself - has triumphed temporarily, all the more as it coincides with the commodification of books and their transformation into dematerialized entities. Through a list of words and concepts that have become key elements in my work – essays as well as fictions, poems, videos, and photographs - this conference will challenge this vision of the declining power of literature. Counter-writing, exegesis, fragments, in-betweenness, layers of fiction, potential realities, vertigo, slow culture, translation as language... these are just a few on the list of words and expressions I propose as capable of reversing the depressing perspective which posits that literature has lost its sovereignty.

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October 18, 2013, Walls and Bridges, New York