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Geneviève Fraisse

Geneviève Fraisse is a French philosopher and historian of feminist thought. Her work deals with political epistemology of genealogy of democracy, concepts of emancipation and problematisation of the sex/gender debate. She helped Jacques Rancière create the journal Les Révoltes logiques. Fraisse is the author of numerous books, including Reason's Muse: Sexual Difference and the Birth of Democracy and History of Women in the West, Volume IV: Emerging Feminism from Revolution to World War published in English. Seen as a leader of contemporary thought, her idea of gender equality lies between theory and practice, elaborating concepts from contemporary history. She helped create the International College of Philosophy and has been director of research at the CNRS since 1997. 

About the book: Du consentement

“I have always thought that the act of consent forged the strongest intimacy, a mix of desire and willingness, a truth which was deep inside myself. Once I heard this word, consent, in the political arena, the European Parliament, television debates, associative discussions, I understood that it was penetrating the public forum as a powerful argument.”


1. How to think feminism? Concepts and Historicity

Besides the necessity of questioning identities, we can highlight the political and philosophical concepts which make sex and gender equality intelligible. But only history, functioning as a test and proof, can offer the material of deep thought.

2. Consent and refusal of consent

From the beginning of modern times, the word consent has had a double meaning: choose and accept, want and give up. My aim is to raise the question of consent as a political argument.


Jan. 29-30, 2018: NYU



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