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Yann Kebbi

Yann Kebbi, a French painter and illustrator, is embarking on a US Tour for the release of  The Structure is Rotten, Comrade, co-authored with writer Viken Berberian and published by Fantagraphics in May 2019.

Yann Kebbi was born in 1987. After receiving a degree in illustration from the Estienne School of Art, and recently graduating from the Paris Arts-Déco, he remained in Paris, where he spends his time making prints, monotypes, and pencil sketches. Americanine, A Haute Dog in New York, is his first book. His drawings have also been published in magazines and newspapers including the New Yorker, the New York TimesRevue XXI, and others.

About the Book: The Structure is Rotten, Comrade:

Enter Yerevan, the capital of Armenia — a city in ruins. Wrecking balls swing wildly and cement trucks race through congested streets. Aspiring architect Frunz and his father, the renowned builder known as Mr. Cement, plan to level Yerevan’s historic landmarks and flood the city with Trumpian high-rises. But this plan outrages the citizens of Yerevan, who rise up in Revolution. Amid the ensuing chaos, only one thing is certain: Frunz must brave the streets swarming with rebels in search of the Golden Mean.

Written by Viken Berberian with his signature originality and verve and drawn with audacious compositions, delirious colors, and a kinetic expressionistic technique by the acclaimed painter and illustrator Yann Kebbi, The Structure is Rotten, Comrade is a formally innovative and politically resonant work, by turns prescient, punchy, cautionary, and fearless.


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