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The Last Days of Ellis Island
By By Gaëlle Josse | Translated by Natasha Lehrer
Cataclysms: An Environmental History of Humanity
By By Laurent Testot | Translated by Katharine Throssell
Keep an Eye on Ivy
By By Barroux
The Party
By By Tomi Ungerer | Translated by Aurélie Roche
The Age of Low Tech: Towards a Technologically Sustainable Civilization
By Philippe Bihouix
The Third Population
By Aurélien Ducoudray and Jeff Pourquié | Translated by Kendra Boileau
Denaturalized, How Thousands Lost Their Citizenship and Lives in Vichy France
By Claire Zalc | Translated by Catherine Porter
How Jack Lost Time
By Stéphanie Lapointe and Delphie Côté-Lacroix | Translated by Arielle Aaronson