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Girl in Dior

Annie Goetzinger (Author and Illustrator)

NBM publishing, February 2015.

"The Girl in Dior" is Clara, a freshly hired chronicler, fan of fashion and our guide in the busy corridors of the brand new house of Christian Dior. It’s February 12th, 1947 and the crème de la crème of Paris Haute Couture is flocking to the momentous event of Dior’s first show. In a flurry of corolla shaped skirts, the parade of models file down the runway. The audience is mesmerized: it’s a triumph! Carmel Snow of Harper’s Bazaar cries out: “It's quite a revolution, your dresses have such a new look!“. Dior’s career is launched and Clara’s story begins. Soon, she is picked by Dior himself to be his model…

A biography docudrama marrying fiction and the story of one of the greatest couturier in history, it is also a breathless and stunning presentation of his best designs, rendered by bestselling artist Annie Goetzinger, seen for the first time on this side of the Atlantic.

More information here and you can also see the preview by clicking on this special link.


The Author

One of the grandes dames of comics in France, Goetzinger has had a distinguished and award winning career not only in comics but also in theater costume design and illustration, most notably for the newspaper Le Monde.

She will participate in the 2015 edition of the MoCCA Arts Festival in New York City on April 11th and 12th.



“A portrait full of lightness and class, capable of charming even men, so you can imagine how women will love this.”  - Le Figaro

“Great gift idea” - Elle

“A beautiful work, chic, brilliant and moving” - Questions de Femmes

“Sumptuous” - Le Nouvel Observateur