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Alexis Pernsteiner


Recent titles:
Colonial Culture in France since the Revolution, Pascal Blanchard and Sandrine Lemaire, 2013, Indiana University Press
Hotelles: A Novel, Emma Mars, 2014, Harper Collins
Elle: Room Two, Emma Mars, 2015, Harper Collins
Bad Conscience, Michel Quint, 2015, AmazonCrossing
Deadly Aid, Michel Tarou, 2015, AmazonCrossing
In the Skin of a Jihadist: A Young Journalist Enters the ISIS Recruitment Network, Anna Erelle, 2015, HarperCollins
An Expressive Cuisine, Olivier Nasti, 2017, Menu Fretin
The Colonial Legacy in France: Fracture, Rupture, and Apartheid, Nicolas Bancel and Pascal Blanchard, 2017, Indiana University Press