“Pédagogie Différenciée et Créativité” – A workshop with Catherine David

November 6 - 7 | Chicago

“Pédagogie Différenciée et Créativité” – A workshop with Catherine David

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The varying levels of language learners in FLE classes are becoming increasingly apparent in many teaching contexts. Adressing the needs of different learners has led teachers to effectively conduct several classes in one at the same time that they endeavor to maintain the unity of their student groups. By simultaneously compensating for heterogeneity and valuying diversity, teachers can draw upon their creativity and that of their learners. This workshop will aim to introduce differentiation and variation methods to effectively address multi-level French language classes. Participants will engage in a comprehensive analysis of didactic resources and gain insights into crafting innovative learner-specific pedagogical approaches that capitalize on the diversity among students.

This training will present two methods for working with multi-level classes: “differentiation” and “variation” (Puren, 2001). Participants will be invited to analyse didactic supports and understand the process of developing creative, original, level-appropriate pedagogical strategies that capitalize on the difference among learners. The idea of “multi-level” langage instruction will be an anchoring point for this training.

Catherine David is a senior lecturer in FLE didactics and linguistics at the University of Aix-Marseille, where she is associated with the Speech and Language Laboratory (LPL UMR 7309). She has also been a FLE teacher and researcher for twenty years (in London, Grenable, and Aix-en-Provence). Her research focuses on teacher actions in language classes, and more specifically, on managing audiance heterogeneity (including cultural, linguistic, and language level heterogeneity). She is the author, with Dominique Abry of Classe multiniveaux et pédagogie différenciée (The multi-level class and differentiated pedagogy) -Hachette, 2018.

The training is available in both 6 and 12-hour sessions.

Alliance française de  MinneapolisSaint Paul | November 6 & 7 | 9am – 4pm

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