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Brooklyn Bridge Park | Fly Away with Books

Part of Fly Away with Books


Corals with Lucie Brunellière

Arts and crafts | From age 4 and above

Specific activities on the graphic design of corals. This workshop will build on photos of corals and the double page illustration from Deep in the Ocean, interpreting corals through graphic design with different motifs. The creations from the worshop will slide into in a transparent pocket where the child can keep their own future drawing of all types of fish.

ATLAS - a Geographic Color Chart with Cruschiform

Card game | From age 7 and above

Loosely inspired by the book Colorama, the aim of this workshop is to work as a group to create a colored atlas, where each shade corresponds to a different place around the world. Colored cards are laid out, allowing the audience to get drawn into the world of colors, labeling each card with the place that it evokes for them (i.e. the green grass of Central Park, the yellow taxis on Broadway, the summit of the Himalayas, the ground of the Grand Canyon, the blue lagoons of Polynesia, etc). Throughout the workshop each new card created will complete a giant colored mural; a map of the world in which every card can be geo-localized.

Pop-up Art with Louis Rigaud or Anouck Boisrobert

Arts and crafts | From age 6 and above

Create a garden-themed pop-up card. After a short presentation of books by Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud, the two pop-up book authors will show easy techniques to try out so that everyone can create 3D vegetables and an animated 3D scene, leaving the final creations completely open to the imagination.

Storytime, featuring the books of the authors

Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s Environmental Education Center
Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s Environmental Education Center is a year-round space designed to house education program which serves over 10,000 schoolchildren each year. The Conservancy’s Center provides multiple interactive elements including an East River Aquarium, a ‘Discovery Station’ with a 10’ scale model of the park, and more, offering an in-depth look at the park’s ecology, history and sustainable design. The Environmental Education Center is open to families and park visitors on weekends as well as during after-school hours.

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