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May 18
Talk: Maylis de Kerangal and Jessica Moore ONLINE EVENT The Center for Fiction 15 Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217

Dorian Gaudin’s "Climax Change"

François Ghebaly is welcoming Dorian Gaudin’s exhibition Climax Change. The Paris-born, Brooklyn-based sculptor celebrates his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles.

Gaudin’s sculptural worlds feature machines that tend to dismantle themselves, run in circles, and evince inner conflict through wild fluctuations of stasis and turmoil. This movement gives rise to Climax Change.

The exhibition is centered around two main kinetic sculptures. One periodically launches a fake fern plant, the object hurtling out of an elevated patch of ferns. The plant crashes into an acrylic panel wall. Another sculpture, a rolling landscape composed of two fake cypress trees, smashes the trees together in self destructive outbursts. The mechanical beings walk this line between self-harming and self-pleasuring, activating the parts of our brains that can’t help but ascribe a human framework onto the nonhuman world around us, personifying our surroundings, balancing between play and struggle.

Throughout the exhibition, humor leads the viewer into a cul-de-sac of realization: that our projections of anthropomorphic sympathy are indeed just projections, falling on the fundamental otherness of these objects’ mechanical nature. They suggest, in the words of Gaudin, “a warning against our colonial instincts, our need to spread, our need to fabricate a world in our image.”