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Agnès by Varda

Agnès Varda’s filmography spans over six decades and includes immense variety, making her work difficult to classify. She created French New Wave landmarks, personal documentaries, essay films, family dramas, and many films that are a hybrid of these categories.

For audiences, Varda’s curiosity has proven infectious, and her personal presence in many of her documentaries offers an additional point of connection to her films. It’s easy for Varda fans to feel like they know her. This series celebrates her career and attempts to represent the diversity of Varda’s work, from her early French New Wave films to her 21st-century documentaries. However, it is a testament to Agnès Varda that no eight films can adequately capture the breadth of her cinematic art.

Curated by Jon Vickers and Laura Ivins.

Still image from La Pointe Courte.
La Pointe Courte
Sun, Sept 15, 4 pm

Still image from Le bonheur.
Le bonheur
Sun, Sept 22, 1 pm

Still image from Cléo from 5 to 7.
Cléo from 5 to 7
Tues, Sept 24, 7 pm

Still image from Mur Murs.
Mur Murs and Documenteur
Mon, Oct 14, 7 pm

Still image from Vagabond.
Sat, Nov 23, 7 pm

Still image from The Gleaners and I.
The Gleaners and I
Mon, Dec 16, 7 pm

Still image from Varda by Agnès.
Varda by Agnès
Tues, Dec 17, 7 pm
Wed, Dec 18, 7 pm