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Sète-Los Angeles: Hosted Live By SHOW Gallery

SHOW Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of Sète-Los Angeles, an international festival of visual and performing arts. The show will bring together 28 artists from Sète, a Mediterranean city in the South of France, and Los Angeles. Together, they will engage in artistic dialogue as well as create artworks in multiple different mediums.

In September 2019, the city of Sète hosted several LA-based artists who took part in a series of exhibitions and events. Beginning on November 5th, the LA portion of the festival will commence within 8 different venues across Hollywood and West Hollywood.

The collaboration of these 28 artists represents the bold and creative histories of both cities which highlights, according to art critic Greil Marcus, “a counter-culture made up of aesthetic affinities, friendships and mutual influences”.

The festival will feature a mural which honors the life and work of French filmmaker Agnès Varda, known for her feature film, The Pointe Courte, highly regarded as the birth of the French New Wave.

All 28 of the LA- and Sète-based artists engage themselves in the creation of a new artistic territory, one that pushes the contemporary art movement into the future. In a place where two different aesthetic realms intertwine, establishing a new era of artistic and cultural exchange, there is Séte-Los Angeles.

On Saturday, December 14, SHOW Gallery will host an extended viewing of the exhibition from 6-9PM at the SHOW Gallery Sound Space. 

This program is supported by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS Aldo Biascamano, Patricia Biascamano, Armelle Caron, Andre Cervera, Robert Combas, Christophe Cosentino, Jean Denant, Herve di Rosa, Marc Duran, Lucas Mancione, Jean-Marie Picard, Topolino, Agnès Varda, Scoli Acosta, Vanessa Atlan, Barbara Carrasco, Bret Easton Ellis, Percival Everett, Francesca Gabbiani, Kim Gordon, Alex Israel, Marco Lorenzetto, POE, Eddie Ruscha, Jim Shaw, Marnie Weber, Josèphine Wister Faure