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LA Artcore: "La Musique Américaine"

Oliver Clavel: Kiss-Delice

France has historically and deeply influenced U.S. culture. Beloved American fairytales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, and Blue Beard all originate from French literature. Coco Chanel brought us the LBD (little black dress), revolutionizing the concept of fashion, and is even responsible for the popularization of women's pants. Braille, pasteurization, and, of course, Champagne all originate from France. Today, Paris remains a center of fashion, art, and politics. 

America, in turn, has profoundly impacted French culture. From jazz to Elvis, American movies, Abstract Expressionism, to blue jeans, this exchange manifests in many domains.

These cross-cultural influences continue into the world of modern art. LA Artcore has hosted an International Exchange Program between the U.S. France, as well as countries such as Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Italy for over 40 years. This program both brings international artists to Los Angeles to host exhibitions in LA Artcore spaces, and sends LA-based artists all over the world to share their work with their peers.

In October of 2018, seven artists based in LA traveled to show their work in Paris, France. This year, five French artists will exhibit their work from February 6 to February 16 in an exhibit titled "La Musique Américaine." 

The exhibition, taking place at the LA Artcore Brewery Annex, will feature French artists Alison Bignon, Olivier Clavel (see photo), Patricia Grangier, Marie-Laure Ilie, and Tristan Rondet. The event is curated by Pranay Reddy. The opening reception will be held on February 9 from 1 to 3pm. Join these French artists to learn more about the cultural intersection of French and American art!