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Please Do Not Enter: "Inappropriate Thoughts"

Trochés de face, Lapins (Serie Pantome)

Please Do Not Enter, a curated art store in downtown LA, is hosting an exhibition of Ghyslain Bertholon's work from February 12 to March 14 of this year. The show will take place within the NoMad Hotel in Downtown LA. Bertholon is an artist from Lyon, France who graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts.

In this exhibit, titled "Inappropriate Thoughts," Bertholon presents several pieces which comment on human violence and domination, not only inflicted on other people, but also on animals and the Earth itself. He invites us to revert to the mindset of a child with boundless imagination as we attempt to devise the poetic meaning of his sometimes disarmingly simple works.

Even so, Bertholon's pieces are somewhat somber in their meaning. They portray animals attempting to escape human domination. He emulates hunting "trophies," which typically consist of the heads of hunted animals mounted on walls. His are similar, though the animal is inverted. Bertholon's taxidermies are a comical yet deeply meaningful opportunity for human introspection.

Nicolas Rubinstein, an artist from Marseille, France, will also be featured in this exhibition. Rubinstein is well known for his sculptures of famous cartoons, particularly Mickey Mouse, which involve an anatomically correct skeleton alongside cartoonish elements.