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Bon Entendeur at The Echo

© Alice Kong

Bon Entendeur, a French musical collective, will be playing The Echo in Los Angeles on February 4 as part of their 2020 North America Tour.

Bon Entendeur was created in 2012 by Arnaud Bonet. He was joined by Pierre Della Monica, then later Nicolas Boisseleau. The three began creating playlists on SoundCloud in 2013, consisting of music they loved. This evolved into the creation of mixtapes which featured sampled voice-overs of French celebrities, an aspect of their music which is now their signature. The group released their first album, "Aller-Retour," on December 18, 2019, which contains 15 tracks. Bon Entendeur's 5 year history, 40 released mixtapes, and over 70 million plays has culminated in this completely unique and timeless album. The album features their 2016 hit, "Le temps est bon," which is a modern twist on a song by Isabelle Pierre from 1997.

All of Bon Entendeur's songs are in French, and they create music with the aim of elevating culture in their own language. The songs feature dreamy, classically French music from the 60s and 70s, often with a French voice-over. They become more and more layered over time as beats, tones, and other effects are added. The result is an album that is undeniably French, but also emblematic of music made in today's digital age. 

Bon Entendeur sold out two shows at Rough Trade in NYC, and performed a popular set at Piknic Electronik festival in Montréal. Now, they're back in North America to share their dreamy, rhythmic tunes with us.