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CANCELED: Ciné-Concert Méliès : En plein dans l'œil

The silent films of famed French cinematographer Georges Méliès are set to a live score by French musicians Alcoléa & Cie in this charming ciné-concert entitled “Right in the Eye.” The musicians use more than two dozen instruments to create the music and sound effects for 11 of Méliès’ most iconic short films. The production includes an original score, lighting and scenic design.

Méliès, originally an illusionist, became one of cinema’s founding fathers and invented some of movie-making’s first special effects.

Concept, musical compositions and sound creation, melodica, keyboard, piano
structure, objects: Jean François Alcoléa
Drum, guitar: Fabrice Favriou
Sound, keyboard, percussions, objects: Stéphane Brunet
Light manager, video: Noémie Mancia