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Aug 11
Bernard-Henri Lévy and Adam Gopnik ONLINE EVENT City Lights, San Francisco, CA
Aug 11
Bernard-Henri Lévy and Adam Gopnik ONLINE EVENT City Lights, San Francisco, CA
Aug 11
Bernard-Henri Lévy and Adam Gopnik ONLINE EVENT City Lights, San Francisco, CA

TV5MONDE Program Highlights - August 2020

Sophia Antipolis - France - 2018

TV5MONDE is a global French language entertainment network that showcases premium films and programs from across the world. With more than 1.5 million viewers nationwide in the USA, TV5MONDE is a renowned leader in French language entertainment. 

This month, immerse yourself in French culture with the TV5MONDE programming. In addition to offering premium films, including several heartwarming comedies, the program presents a chance to discover new series, fun-filled variety shows, and engaging documentaries.



IBIZA | France - 2018 - Arnaud Lemort | August 2 at 8:30 pm

Willing to do anything to be accepted by his new partner’s children, Philippe makes a promise to the eldest: if he receives his baccalaureate, he will be able to choose their holiday destination ... the teenager chooses Ibiza! For Philippe, used to the subtle charm of the Picardy coast, it’s a shock.

ORIGAMI | Canada - 2018 - Patrick Demers | August 6 at 8:30 pm

David discovers that he can travel through time. With the help of a Japanese scientist, he tries to improve his control over this strange psychic ability. He thus hopes to be able to return to a specific moment in his past, that tragic instant when, for him, everything changed forever.


LES MURS DU SOUVENIR | France - 2019 - Sylvie Ayme | August 7 at 8:30 pm

A mummy dressed in Nazi uniform is found walled-up in a building in Colmar. Clara Merisi immediately contacts the forensic anthropologist and historian François Gilbert, who confirms that the man had been murdered seventy years earlier. But how did a Nazi officer end up in the walls of the building?

LA MALEDICTION DES PROVINS | France - 201 – Olivier Doran | August 14at 8:30 pm

Panic in Provins! The director of the town's spectacular show, staged on the mediaeval ramparts and Provins' main tourist attraction, is stabbed mid-performance. The weapon used is a veritable period dagger. For the investigation, Inspector Patrick Robin teams up with his ex-wife Karine. A partnership that revives memories and feelings.


LA FOLLE ECHAPPEE | Switzerland - 2018 – Vanessa Bapst | August 24 at 4:05 pm

69 year-old Francine is a hyperactive and ever-inquisitive grandmother, interested in everything and forever in search of new thrills. At 70, Alain is more of a stay-at-home intellectual. The journey begins in Prilly for this very complementary couple. On the program: water-skiing, paragliding and a night in the tree-tops.

TRAITS D'UNION | France - 2017 – Alexandre Mostras | August 15 at 4:05 pm

Encounter with the Bribri Indian tribe living in the Talamanca mountain region in the northeast of Costa Rica. This isolated tribe exists in perfect harmony with nature, the forest, and the animals. In this matriarchal society, the women pass on the culture bequeathed by the God Sibu.


300 choeurs chantent les plus grands airs classiques | France – 2019 – Franck Roqua, Richard Michel | August 15 at 11:05 pm

Vincent Niclo is given carte blanche for an exceptional program based on the greatest tunes from classical music. From Ravel's ''Bolero'' to Caruso, some of the most famous opera music and songs written for the finest voices, innumerable artistes accepted his invitation.

Concours Reine Elisabeth: Session extraordinaire | Belgium - 2020 – Benoït Vlietinck | August 14 at 11:00 pm

Postponed until 2021, the piano section of the Queen Elisabeth Competition was replaced by an extraordinary concert. Caroline Veyt and Patrick Leterme were present at the BOZAR with the cream of Belgian musicians: Lorenzo Gatto, Yossif Ivanov, Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden, Thomas Blondelle, Marie Hallynck and, via Skype, Jodie Devos.


COURS TOUJOURS | France - 1999 – Dante Desarthe | available beginning August 7

Jonas is a first-time father celebrating the birth of his son, Jason. One crazy night and a series of misunderstandings leads Jonas on a mission that stems from a previously unknown ancestral tradition.

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS | France - 2018 - Virgil Vernier | available beginning August 14

In a technological paradise where dreams should come true there are dark realities lurking in this center for innovation. Through five perspectives, the haunting story of one young woman, Sophia, is revealed.


All movies are in French with English subtitles.

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