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May 18
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SEGAL TALK with Artist Daniely Francisque from Martinique

The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center's global series, SEGAL TALKS,  will feature the author-actress Daniely Francisque from Martinique on:

Tuesday, June 23 at 12 p.m. (ET)

SEGAL TALKS brings together American and international theatre artists, curators, researchers, and academics for a one hour talk with Segal Center’s director, Frank Hentschker, about life and art in the time of COVID-19 and challenges, sorrows, and hopes for the new world.

Tune in on this edition of the SEGAL TALKS for an update on the situation of theater artists in Martinique.

The ad-free SEGAL TALKS are in English and live-streamed on Howlround.com and on the Segal Center Facebook page

Send your questions during the live streaming at SegalTalks@gmail.com     


French-caribbean actress, director and playwright, Daniely Francisque is one of the leading figures in contemporary theatre in Martinique. She is the co-artistic director of Compagnie TRACK. Since 1994, Daniely has performed in around fifty theatrical, choreographic, musical plays, movies and tv shows. In 2018, she was awarded Best Actress in Toronto and Marseille for Torment of Love directed by Caroline Jules.

She signs productions with strong visual, physical and emotional impact, questioning identity, intimacy, memory in post-colonial societies.

Daniely Francisque was one of the playwrights of the Caribbean Theater Action Project at METSC in December 2019. Her play Cyclones, performed in Caribbean islands, France, Miami, Congo, has recently been published by Lansman Editeur. Cyclones (Hurricanes) as well as Ladjables (She-Devil) have both been translated into English.

In 2019, she has been named Knight of Arts and Letters by the Ministry of Culture in France.



Now in its 13th weekly, SEGAL TALKS, which was conceived, created and curated by Frank Hentschker, Segal Center’s director, in March 2020. New York, US, and international theatre artists, curators, researchers, and academics talk daily for one hour with  Frank Hentschker, about life and art in the time of the COVID-19  and speak about challenges, sorrows, and hopes for the world. The Segal Center is the only theatre institution in New York City and the United States creating original content.