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Aug 11
Bernard-Henri Lévy and Adam Gopnik ONLINE EVENT City Lights, San Francisco, CA
Aug 11
Bernard-Henri Lévy and Adam Gopnik ONLINE EVENT City Lights, San Francisco, CA
Aug 11
Bernard-Henri Lévy and Adam Gopnik ONLINE EVENT City Lights, San Francisco, CA

Festival E-TOMA 2020: Performing Arts from French Overseas Territories

For the first time, the TOMA -- Théâtres d'Outre-Mer en Avignon -- presents a digital program, the E-TOMA, from July 3rd to 26th.

TOMA, founded by Greg Germain and Marie-Pierre Bousquet in 1997, is a platform dedicated to artists from French overseas departments to mainland France with the goal of showing that French cultural richness comes from a variety of identities. With a program of performances and debates, TOMA offers the artists a national - and international - visibility and encourages them to question shared issues. 

This year, the Festival d'Avignon has been cancelled due to the pandemic.  However, in the current situation, TOMA has found a new opportunity to promote the performing arts from overseas. It now presents its first digital season, E-TOMA, this July. 

Starting July 3rd, E-TOMA features fifty-six performances, twelve radio programs, and many talks with critics, artists and scholars.. The shows and discussions are in French.

Among the artists: the writer Gael Octavia, the theater director José Exelis, the writer Daniel Picouly, the singer and director D' de Kabal, the theater director Laëtitia Guédon, the writer Mariann Mathéus, the writer-director Eva Doumbia, the theater director Philippe Pelen Baldini, the singer and writer Viktor Lazlo, the theater director Gaëtan Peau....Also part of this special edition, the author-playwright Koffi Kwahulé, the theater director Ahmed Madani,  the playwright and director David Lescot in collaboration with Benoit Delbecq.

Themes such as family, colonization, love, violence, the status of women, freedom and ecology will be addressed through the resources proposed by E-TOMA. 

Portraits of five of this year's featured artists:

  • Gaël Octavia, Playwright, Novelist, Director and Painter

Gaël Octavia is an interdisciplinary artist from Martinique. After obtaining an engineering degree, she began writing plays and exploring themes such as the place of women in society, race and migrations. In 2003, Greg Germain chose the text Le Voyage for his theatre La Chapelle du Verbe Incarné in Avignon. She received the Prix d’écriture théâtrale contemporaine en Caraïbe by the Beaumarchais Association and ETC Caraïbe in 2013 for Cette guerre que nous n'avons pas faite, and was awarded the Prix Wepler 2017 for her first novel La fin de Mame Baby. 

To discover at #eTOMA2020 :

  1. Congre et Homard, by Gaël Octavia, directed by Dominik Bernard (July 8th)
  • José Exelis, Director, Author, Actor and Playwright

José Exelis is an author, actor, playwright, founder of the theather company Les Enfants de la mer and director of the cultural center Petit Bambou. He studied at the Théâtre de la Soif Nouvelle in Martinique. He made his name as an actor in Britannicus by Jean Racine, directed by Robert Angebaud, and in Haute surveillance by Jean Genêt, directed by José Alpha and himself. In 1988, he produced Ballade overdose and, the following year, Soledad. Among the plays he directed, he received the Prix de la meilleure mise en scène in 1994 for HLM Story by Jacques Sylvestre and will be honored this year at E-TOMA 2020 with Wopso! by Marius Gottin and Circulez! by José Jernidier.

To discover at #eTOMA2020 :

  1. Circulez! by José Jernidier, directed by José Exelis (July 7th)
  2. Wopso! by Marius Gottin, directed by José Exelis (July 8th)
  • Koffi Kwahulé, Author, Actor, Director and Playwright 

Koffi Kwahulé is a polymorphic and committed artist. His plays have been translated in different languages and he has been awarded several prizes (Prix Ahmadou-Kourouma in 2006; Grand Prix Littéraire Ivoirien in 2006; Prix Edouard Glissant in 2013; Grand prix de Littérature Dramatique in 2017 and Prix Bernard-Marie Koltès in 2018...). Inspired by jazz, his texts become real music in a few seconds. He tries to understand humanity in all its complexity by drowning on the themes of oppression, violence and sensuality. 

To discover at #eTOMA2020 :

  1. Water... Anything can happen! by Koffi Kwahulé, directe by Robyn Orlin (July 4th)
  2. P'tite Souillure by Koffi Kwahulé (July 5th)
  3. Samo, A Tribute to Basquiat by Koffi Kwahulé, directed by Laëtitia Guédon (July 6th)
  4. Blue-S-Cat by Koffi Kwahulé (July 8th)
  5. Bintou by Koffi Kwahulé, directed by Laëtitia Guédon (July 9th)
  6. Misterioso 119 by Koffi Kwahulé, directed by Laurence Renn Penel (July 12th)
  7. Jaz by Koffi Kwahulé, directed by Alexandre Zeff (July 13th)
  • Eva Doumbia, Author, Playwright and Artistic Director of the Festival Massilia Afropéa

Eva Doumbia is the director and founder of the theater company La Part du Pauvre. She is also an author and the artistic director of the Festival Massilia Afropéa. Eva Doumbia considers herself "Afropéenne" (contraction of the words "African" and "European") and questions her own story as well as her identity in her plays. She also staged the texts of Aristide Tarnagda, Dieudonné Niangouna, Chester Himes, Kouam Tawa... In 2015, she led the AfricaParis event at the Carreau du Temple, and in 2016, she became the artistic director of the Festival Massilia Afropéa. Read here the latest interview the French Cultural Services conducted with Eva.

To discover at #eTOMA2020 :

  1. Afropéennes, from Léonora Miano's novel, directed by Eva Doumbia (July 3rd)
  2. La vie sans fards by Maryse Condé, directed by Eva Doumbia (July 11th)
  • D' de Kabal, Singer, Songwriter, Author and Director

D' de Kabal is a rapper, slam artist, author and director. He is the co-founder of the group Kabal which produced an album entitled États d'âmes in 1998. His hoarse voice and his committed spirit conquer the theater scenes. He plays in Malcolm X, Requiem opus 61 and Soigne ton droit by Mohamed Rouabhi and in Sozaby and Monnè by Stéphanie Loïk. His first written play Écorce de peines, broadcast during the e-TOMA Festival, is a revelation both in France and overseas. He also wrote the plays Les enfants perdus and L'homme-femme / Les mécanismes invisibles in which he combines slam and dance. 

To discover at #eTOMA2020 :

  1. Écorce de Peines by D' de Kabal (July 6th)

The program of the Festival E-TOMA is entirely in French