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"Maguy Marin: Time to Act" at Dance on Camera Film Festival

The 48th Dance on Camera Festival (July 17-20) is going Digital!

The festival opens on July 17 at 6:30 pm  with the film Maguy Marin: Time to Act directed by David Mambouch (2018.)

Also part of the evening, there is a prerecorded conversation with Maguy Marin, David Mambouch moderated by Liz Wolff

The film is in French with English Subtitles

For tickets and the entire festival program, click here. Note that each program will stream for 72 hours from its release day and time.

About Maguy Marin

Star choreographer Maguy Marin burst onto the 1970s French new wave dance scene. A contemporary of Pina Bausch, Marin’s work stood out for its theatrical aesthetic, political commentary, and audacious integration of traditional dance with unexpected narrative, musical and physical elements.
In 1981, Marin’s work “May B,” inspired by the work of modernist playwright Samuel Beckett, upset the dance world; it rejected traditional ideals of beauty and embraced a fiercely political perspective. Since then, Marin’s work has grown in popularity; she has won numerous awards and her pieces are regularly presented at all major dance festivals, from the Rio Favellas (Lilia Rodrigues’s company) to the Joyce Theater (NY). The documentary Maguy Marin: Time to Act offers remarkable footage of live performances,  as well as first person interviews with a choreographer whose work is daring, moving and continues to defy convention.

In 2016, the Venice Biennale awarded Maguy Marin with  The Golden Lion  for Lifetime Achievement recipient and in 2003, she received the Samuel H. Scripps American Dance Festival Award in modern dance.

Five things to know about Maguy Marin here and more about Ramdam, Marin's Center for the Arts in France.