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Art From The Futures

Our present is a time of dramatic change. It has disrupted our lives and forced us to find new ways to be together while apart. What if the new normal was here to accelerate our push into the future?  

To reimagine, reinvent and rethink the world we want to build?

From the Futures is a virtual community of storytellers, artists, thinkers, visionaries who have come together to reimagine where we can go from here. This project is a collaboration between Columbia DSLFake Artists and Beautiful Seams. 

From the future of public spaces, to food, education, machine learning, artificial intelligence and more. From the Futures already hosted 7 events, gathering up to 1200 participants from 30 countries. 

Their next event, "Art from the Futures", will explore our creativity in virtual spaces. 10 international artists will engage audiences with immersive, intimate and participatory experiences.

Join "Art from the Futures" on Saturday August 29th at 2.30pm ET, on Zoom. RSVP at FromtheFutures.org

See you in the Future!