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Hanako Murakami at the Virtual Opening of the Japan Society

 A virtual exhibition will be held by the Japan Society on September 24th for the opening of its season. From Here to There will be the first online project commissioned by the Japan Society, offering grounds for exploration of artistic practice and production on a digital platform. It is in partnership with the New York Community Trust that the Japan Society has decided to carry out this original program by presenting the works of 3 artists, including the France-based artist Hanako Murakami.

Having settled in France since receiving a grant from the Pola Art Foundation, photographer and artist Hanako Murakami has now joined the Studio National d'art contemporain du Fresnoy, in Tourcoing. The pedagogy of her work can be summed up by the systematic integration of alternative photographic techniques or typographic printing on all types of production. Resulting from her own experiences in the field, her work aims to create situations that simultaneously link truth, fiction, historical fact, and contemporary hypothesis. Previously presented in Arles, all of the work in the Imaginary Landscapes series will be presented on September 24th. Like the other two projects, her work will be presented on a web folder allowing the public to get a behind-the-scenes look at the videos, photographs, research notes, and living documents for each of the ongoing projects. The web folder will also host continuous updates of new material throughout the exhibition.

Virtual opening on : https://www.japansociety.org/page/programs/gallery/from-here-to-there