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Video Release of The Physicality of Thinking & Performances by Antichamber Music

The Bridgea collective of improvising musicians in Chicago and France,  is happy to announce the premiere of The Physicality of Thinking, a 30 minute “road movie” by Sandra Binion, edited by Julian Aaron Flavin, to be streamed online. This online premiere also includes live performances by members of the improvising quartet Antichamber Music streaming from France and the U.S. The film documents a two-week tour in February 2019 throughout France by the quartet Antichamber Music: Claudia Solal (voice), Benoît Delbecq (piano and prepared piano), Katherine Young (bassoon and electronics), and Lou Mallozzi (turntables and CDs). The Physicality of Thinking takes the viewer intimately behind the scenes—on the road, at dinner, backstage conversations, workshops with students—as well as capturing the quartet’s many moods and dynamics in performance. Antichamber Music is ensemble #10 in The Bridge.

Antichamber Music

Inspired by Joyce's early poems, this quartet pushes the limits of improvisation, between acoustic instrumentation and electronic explorations.
What better than a collection of poems by James Joyce entitled Chamber Music (1907) to guide the pieces of this brilliant Franco-American quartet? When Claudia Solal conceived the "Antichamber Music" project, she first thought of the association of the timbres and the possible meeting of rich and as diverse universes as elector-acoustics, contemporary improvisation, pop and jazz. With a founding principle: free to each person to propose his or her own story. On this musical ground, each musician can become soloist, initiator or follower, dependent or solitary. Everything is unpredictable.

Antichamber has been made possible through the Jazz & New Music, a program of FACE Foundation, in partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States. The Bridge is also supported by the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Sacem, FCM, Onda, Spedidam, Adami and the Institut Français.