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Nov 2
The Question of Race in Contemporary France ONLINE EVENT The Department of French and Italian at Princeton
Nov 2
The Question of Race in Contemporary France ONLINE EVENT The Department of French and Italian at Princeton


The Cultural Services of the French Embassy is partnering with AFI FEST to showcase the best films from across the globe to captivated audiences. Each year, AFI FEST showcases more than 125 films in several exciting sections such as Special Presentations, New Auteurs, Documentary, World Cinema, Cinema’s Legacy and Shorts. As the Festival goes virtual for 2020, click here for this year's French selections!

Don't miss a variety of unforgettable French titles at AFI FEST 2020 including:


Left lovelorn after the whirlwind one-night romance he shared with the beautiful Alma, Felix must do something bold if he wants to hold onto her. Knowing she is leaving the next morning to vacation at a small riverside town over 300 miles away, Felix intends to follow and surprise her there, convincing his best friend Chérif and unwitting companion/rideshare Edouard to accompany him. When Alma is less than thrilled to see him, Chérif and Edouard explore the town free from expectation, embracing the bittersweetness of young love and passing summer.

Directed by: Guillaume Brac
Written by: Guillaume Brac, Catherine Paillé 
Cast: Eric Nantchouang, Salif Cissé, Édouard Sulpice
Runtime: 95 min


Antoinette, a schoolteacher, has a secret. She is having an affair with Vladimir, the father of one of her students. When Vladimir cancels their romantic getaway for a hiking vacation planned with his wife and daughter, Antoinette impulsively decides to change her trip to follow and surprise him. Since Antoinette is not the avid hiker, she also hires a partner – Patrick, the donkey – to join her on this six-day journey through the sunny, French mountains. 

Written and directed by: Caroline Vignal
Cast: Laure Calamy, Benjamin Lavernhe, Olivia Côte
Runtime: 97 min


Forbidden love is not a new theme to cinema. But Jeanne's love is like no other. When the new amusement park “attraction,” The Move It, arrives at the local carnival where she works, Jeanne's life is forever changed. With Jumbo, her pet-name for the twirling machine, what's not to love? He's pretty, fun and single. But how can they be happy when the world around them doesn't understand. JUMBO is a delightful confirmation that love is love. Buckle up and get ready for an enchanting ride.

Written and directed by: Zoé Wittock
Cast: Noémie Merlant, Emmanuelle Bercot, Bastien Bouillon
Runtime: 94 min


In June 2000, the brutal Six-Day War between Uganda and Rwanda swept through the city of Kisangani, Congo, leaving 1,000 Congolese dead and 3,000 injured. Filmmaker Dieudo Hamadi (KINSHASA MAKAMBO, NATIONAL DIPLOMA) follows a group of severely injured survivors of the war on a truly epic journey down the Congo River as they seek to appeal directly to the national government in Kinshasa for the compensation that they are owed.

Written and directed by: Dieudo Hamadi
Runtime: 90 min


In the Southern Caucasus there is the small breakaway country of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, but you can't get there by air. There is, however, an airport, with full facilities, employees and runway that has not been cleared for use. Alain, an airport auditor, is sent from France to evaluate the situation and decide if it can open. Since conflict surrounds the small nation, it first needs to be determined safe. As his investigation continues, Alain becomes enmeshed with the lives of the people of Karabakh, making his evaluation increasingly personal. 

Directed by: Nora Martirosyan
Written by: Nora Martirosyan, Emmanuelle Pagano, Olivier Torres, Guillaume André
Cast: Grégoire Colin, Hayk Bakhryan, Arman Navasardyan
Runtime: 100 min