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“Where to land after the pandemic? A self-description experience”

Collective Writing workshop led by Soheil Hajmirbaba | Global Climate Action Symposium | Online

This workshop will be limited to up to 12 active participants (first come, first serve) and 20 observers

The French philosopher Bruno Latour offers a tool for discernment in the form of eight concrete questions to ask: “Where to land after the pandemic?”.

The exercise includes making a list of activities of which you feel deprived by the current crisis, which gives you the feeling of a violation of your essential conditions of subsistence. We suggest you take time to read these eight questions and begin to answer. Participants can customize this questionnaire.

We invite a maximum of 12 people to participate in the workshop on October 7, who accept to share their observations and to be seen virtually by an audience. They have to prepare themselves to answer the eight questions below and bring their answers to the workshop.

Please, find below the link of the registration to be an active participant or to observe the workshop 



Proposition 1 (What should be stopped?)


What are the suspended activities and behaviors that you would like to see not coming back?


Starting with an activity or behavior that affects you personally, describe why you find it harmful/ superfluous/ dangerous/ inconsistent for you or others.


What kinds of measures do you advocate so that workers/employees/agents/entrepreneurs, who can no longer continue in the activities that you have eliminated, are able to facilitate the transition to other activities?


What could you concretely do (alone or with others) to ensure that the activity you wish to remove (or slow down) does not resume?

Proposition 2 (What should be developed?)


What are the activities and behaviors, now suspended, that you hope might develop/begin again, or even be created from scratch?


How would this make other activities and behaviors that you want to promote easier/ more harmonious/ more consistent?


What kinds of measures do you advocate to help workers/employees/agents/entrepreneurs to acquire capacities/means/finances/instruments allowing for restarting/development/creation of this activity?


What could you concretely do (alone or with others) to ensure that the activity you wish to develop could resume?

Find out more at https://globalchange.gatech.edu/events/gcas2020/

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Wednesday October 7

Collective Writing Workshop: "Where to land after the pandemic? A self-description experience" by Soheil Hajmirbaba, Societe d'Objets Cartographiques

12:00pm - 1:00pm (EST) | October 7, 2020

Pre-registration required, limited space: Please register here (first come, first served)